13 Mar 2018

It started off as lovely walk along a beach I had never discovered before. The winter sun was welcoming and the the waves and the sparkling sand made me feel peaceful.

I sat on a concrete block and started chatting to my partner. I was laughing and smiing and I felt very relaxed.

On minute I am on sitting down and the next I am flat on the sand with my leg stuck under the concrete block. All I could think of was those movies where the actor had a leg or arm stuck under rock and the only way out was by cutting off the limb that was stuck. I worried I would dehydrate and die of starvation.

Have I mentioned how I tend to catastrophise situations?

So there I am with my leg hurting and stuck under a concrete block.

Partner has a hernia so can't lift the block and we scream out hoping someone understands English. It felt like it was hours and I was faint but I was told that in a few minutes a man came over and lifted the block. I was free. I was hoping there would be scars or at least an enormous bruise but there was nothing.

I did need to limp to gain sympathy for a few hours.

I thought about what happens when we are emotionally stuck. There is no one to lift up the block and set us free. No, we often stay stuck for a long time as we can't move on. We keep repeating the same behaviours. We find ourselves with a concrete block on our thoughts, our emotions, our past and we can not move so we are stuck.

How do we move that block? Often we will need help - it maybe through Moodscope by getting an idea from a comment or a blog, from talking to friends or a counsellor, doctor etc.

These things can help us to move on but we must be ready to let them help us.

Having a heavy concrete block on my foot was scary and painful, but being stuck with unhealthy behaviours or destructive thoughts can seem more overwhelming.

Are you stuck with your thoughts or behaviour - feel you have tried everything but still can't go forward?

Have you been stuck and then worked your way out?


A Moodscope member.

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