Stuck in mud

4 Aug 2022

Do you remember that children’s game stuck in mud? If you were caught you were tagged and were stuck in mud, unable to move till someone crawled under your legs. By the action of another player on your team you were unstuck.

I sometimes feel stuck in life or in a relationship unable to move on and think it would be nice if a simple action by another person could make me unstuck and free me. Of course, as an adult maybe crawling under one’s legs would not be appropriate or even possible! but the idea of a friend helping you when you are in need of help, so you can move forward seems a clever idea.


Once I was in a chaotic relationship that I really wanted to leave but I kept procrastinating. A friend took me aside and said she knew I was scared about changing but she had been in a similar position and knew I felt indecisive. She held my hand and said I would be ok. It took me a couple of years before I moved on, but her words made me feel I was not alone.


I know that stuck in the mud is just a simple childhood chasing game, but I wonder two things:

Do you have a game, can be an active game or a sitting game that you played as a child that you remember fondly because there is something you learned from it?

Have you ever been stuck in life and what helped you become unstuck?


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