Stuck in the middle

Personal development
5 Mar 2023

When we feel stuck, there can be a tendency to think all progress made so far is worthless. But that is simply not true.  All progress is banked, it doesn’t disappear. You may go back over the same ground, and perhaps repeatedly, but your progress stays in the meter.  

When we were somewhere around age 1, we all tried our luck at using leg muscles and then we had a wee go at balance. It didn’t really work. Our nappies took a pounding as we bottom-bounced our way trying and dropping, trying and dropping. For the most part, we didn’t give up. We gave up when we found crawling brought a result that was faster. We gave up when something more interesting came along. We gave up if we happened to hurt ourselves and needed a cuddle. But, for the most part, we returned and tried again, over and over. And just look at us now. We all do it differently, but most of us have been walking around for some time.  

Our mental health and mood management is no different. Just because something didn’t work yesterday, doesn’t mean it won’t have a chance of working today. It doesn’t mean it can never work. It means you’re being reminded that life isn’t straightforward.  

If you feel stuck, remember you managed to get here, there is a path because you just walked it. It could be bumpy on the way but you can do it. You’ve done it before and you can do it again.  

Love from 

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