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9 Sep 2016

There was a time when expectant parents had to wait till their baby was born until the gender of the baby was known. Today most parents know the sex of the child before birth with some knowing the name and day the baby will be born. No surprises everything known in advance.

Remember when you eagerly unwrapped a present or maybe try to guess what it was by the shape of the noise it made when shaken?

Many people now tell us what they want for their birthdays even writing out a list or sending an email with suitable websites from which a gift can be chosen. A friend told me that her 12 year old daughter sent her friend a link which showed her what gift the daughter was buying.

Wedding gift registries used to be the exception now they seem to be the norm. Now you can buy a gift online for the couple without even seeing the gift. Some couples now ask for money to go towards the honeymoon or for fun activities like parachuting.

People getting married today will never know the fun of wondering what to do with 4 toasters, 3 fondue sets, 12 sets of towels and an interesting figurine from one's great aunt.

It seems that all the excitement has gone from receiving a gift. No more smiling sweetly at a relative when you receive the same gift 3 years in a row! The challenge has gone from finding a present for a friend or loved one that they would like and want.

Surprise birthday parties seemed to be more common than they are now, but maybe that is only among people I know.

I am someone who at times does not cope well with changes and I have been known to tell people, I can be spontaneous, as long as I get a week's notice!!

However I do like small surprises, fun surprises!

Maybe I am a dinosaur and I should get with the times.

Do you like the idea of the trend to choose your own presents for a wedding or birthdays?

What do you think of surprises?

Do you feel we are losing something as a society by not having as many surprises in our social customs as we used to?


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