Switching off and starting again

16 Feb 2019

I am not very good with anything electrical, but I do have one trick and that I use with the computer. If all else fails, switch it off, wait a few minutes and reboot. It usually works.

I was wondering when we are having struggles and problems can we just switch off and start again.

For me switching off is going for a walk or going to bed and watching an old movie or just watching tv and relaxing.

I find restarting the hard bit, especially if I have been tired and very upset. The thought of restarting again can be daunting and overwhelming.

If I was a machine, I would just hit my start button, but for me, facing my problems again, even after a short break, is not easy.

What do we need to reboot and start again?

I need a change of environment, a change of pace, chocolate and to try to work out how to cope with the problems that caused me to switch off. Sometimes it may be easier to be a machine and have a switch off button.

Overthinking is always a problem for me. People have told me it may be effective if I 'take a break' from worrying and re-visit my problems the next day. However, while a break is good, my overthinking and problems are still the same just a day later.

I have read that changing your attitude towards stress takes time, so it can take many attempts before you begin to notice any changes. I keep trying but with no change.

What do you do when you need to switch off and start again? Does it work?


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