Take my advice.

8 Nov 2015

I have a card in my shop that says take my advice, I am not using it. This makes me smile because it is so true for me and I assume for others as well.

Why is it so easy to give out my opinion on a range of issues and instruct others what to do, yet when it comes to receiving advice I find it very hard.

It seems so easy for me to advise others, to share my wise words,to listen very carefully and compassionately yet when I am given advice I sometimes find my mind closing and feeling a bit annoyed.

I think it is human nature to want to help others especially if they come to us seeking help. Being kind to others is seen as being generous and is respected by others, so we take time and effort to counsel others. However I know I treat myself very differently than I would a friend in need.

I would never tell a friend, or anyone who ask for my advice, "to get over it", "to stop being so lazy", "to think of others and stop being so self-absorbed" and "just think of all those people who are worse off than you."

Who would treat anyone like that, anyone they cared for, but that is how I treat/talk to myself and I am sure many others do too.

I once told a friend who had been feeling guilty over something trivial, to forgive herself as she was a compassionate person who did not deserve her harsh treatment. I have no such understanding for myself.

Advice always seems easier to give that to receive. Even in Moodscope I sometimes feel like a fraud because I can write kind reassuring words to others but am often impatient with myself.

Can you receive advice as easily as you give it?

Are you more a giver/receiver of advice?


A Moodscope member.

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