Taking a "Me" Day

13 Apr 2022

I don't suffer from insanity I quite enjoy it with a twist of crazy and lite sprinkle of nuts. Ha ha.

And although I don't mean to brag; it seems once you have an alphabetical disorder:"a.d.d," "o.c.d," or in my case "c.p.t.s.d," it knocks the entire rest of the alphabetical off the shelf and you accumulate a few more consonants of a condition. I swear p.t.s.d has brought on a.d.h.d; the trauma damage has me in need to keep moving.

In spite of having been diagnosed with a serious mental illness (BPD) and having been approved of a disability pension, I am forced to work to supplement it. That leads to some interesting adventures trying to navigate a workplace and space among "normal," people. I have learned to look for equal opportunity employers and that has bridged the gap between my fitting in as an average Jill and standing out as a handicapped citizen. 

With the past triggers of other people in the vicinity, darkness, loud noises, and small enclosed spaces, workplace success and options has been greatly narrowed down.

Today I simply took a Me day. I had been training for a possible job in a chaotic hotel and the clamor and disorganization alone sunk me. I thanked the manager for giving me a chance but I will need to find something more solitaire. 

A me day means putting worries and concerns aside, not beating myself up, and just relaxing in bed in between walking my dog and caring for the cats.  Nothing will get done today... nothing but the basics of living. And that is okay. Resting is key for me to preserve my mental health, and health is wealth. 


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