Talk about a dream.

26 Sep 2016


I love photographs and, in the days of old, when they were stored either in a packet or an album, I remember telling a friend that mine were so disorganised it was driving me crazy. The task of sorting the packets into date order, and noting on the back the story behind each one, was huge! He gave me sound advice – "Don't try to fix the ones you already have, just start with the next packet".

Can we take this advice into our next battle against our mood?

How good would it feel to wipe clean our slate? Ignore what we already have and begin again. We can. There is nothing to stop us. For this moment, let's just drop the thought that we ever had depression or bi-polar or whatever drags us down. How would we live if it was not there? I would marry Bruce Springsteen of course. But we must remain realistic (sob!).

I would put myself to the top of the list and do yoga every single day, with a plan to train as a teacher later. I would invite friends to eat food, cooked by me, in my house. I would book on to the photography course (the one I left because I could not talk in front of everyone to introduce myself, and I was so ashamed and embarrassed).

Why can I not start any of this today? Of course I can! I can start with 15 minutes of yoga every day instead of an hour once in a while. I can invite one friend. I can pick up my camera and self-teach until my confidence eeks out from under its shell.

It is these things, and only these things, which will stop my depression from crushing me. Are you willing to fight the crush? It can begin today. Bruce wrote "Talk about a dream, try to make it real".

Let's hear it, tell me your dream...

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member

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