Tea break, travel edition

16 Jul 2022

I had the honour of going to my eldest daughter’s graduation this week. It has given me such a boost at a key time. I’ll be using it as leverage.   


With 450 miles of travelling there and 450 miles travelling back, anxiety can bid to win, and we need to keep it on a firm rein.   


As I sat in a taxi at one point, I was aware of the tension I was holding in my neck and jaw. In case this might help you too, I’ll share a tiny thing a yoga teacher taught me years ago.   


She told me we often sit with our head forward and it helps if we bring it into line with our spine - think of bringing the head back (head over heart).  At the same time as you draw back, imagine you are growing an inch from the top of your crown.  Raising this part will automatically drop your jaw just a little as you lengthen your neck.  You might feel your jaw soften as you do this. 


It’s a tiny movement but, for me, it makes my shoulder and back muscles let go a little bit too as I breathe out.  A little tension break.  Best part - nobody knows when you’re doing it. 


That’s it.  That’s my blog today. Happy mini break! 


Love from

The room above the garage, travel edition 

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