Temporarily stranded but never stuck. (1)

12 Apr 2014

Shaking up thoughts, like raffle tickets in a top hat and choosing a positive over a negative is something that has been written about in many different ways on this blog. When it actually happens though, when you manage it, well, it's a glorious thing indeed. It's like sunshine stretching out from behind a grey cloud. This happened to me on Saturday morning.

The weather was fine, I anticipated a lovely day ahead with my friend at a one day poetry class (theme: 10 poems to save your life) and the setting was in the delightful Calderstones Park, Liverpool.

My friend's husband was ferrying us there and having not seen them for a while, I gave a brief account of where I'm up to in life. (It is brief too, for it can be summed up in one word: Stuck!)

My friend's husband, ever wise, quick as a flash said, "You're going to study poetry for the day Su. How can you be stuck?" This was an epiphany moment for me. It's like grappling in the dark for something and then someone flicks on a light. My day started afresh from that moment on and what a beauteous day it was too.

It's been said that in every situation there are at least 30 ways to change your point of view. Granted, I'm not sure it's possible when in the thick of a depression. If it was that easy, the whole "Snap out of it!" theory wouldn't be so abhorrent to us. However, on the days when it is possible to flick to a more positive pathway, oh, then by all means, shall we try?

(The next post from me will express why exactly the words from my friend pulled me up short)


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