Thanks pals 

26 Jun 2021

Last week, I wrote when I was feeling unwell and I would say I’m one degree improved this week. That’s a win I think. I still feel like I walk and work wearing that oversized coat made of chain mail. And yet there are still things to cherish. 


I admit I have felt lonely this week. Holes I don’t normally see have opened up before me. And I can fill them easily enough, I just need to be sure I am the one choosing how to fill them.


Something that filled in many fissures, were the replies when I wrote last week. And for that I am very grateful. Nobody rushed round to my house with baking, flowers or coffee, nobody called to ask if I was doing the tickbox stuff, nobody chased me or pressured me to better my health. Instead, I felt your steadying hands, on my shoulder, on my forearm, over my hand, I felt your nod following eye contact. And the best bit was that it came from people who know. Who understand. Who all walk a slightly different path. And who I call pals. 


Thank you pals. And thank you Paul for reminding me to wear the favourite clothes. I went straight to my oldest, softest woollen jumper. It did make a difference. 


Onwards we go. I hope your Sunday has oldest, softest jumper moments. 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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