That little light...

11 May 2019

You know that light... the one that shines a beacon of hope in your heart, or maybe a gentle little sideways flicker to catch your eye, or a tiny flash of inspiration.

Maybe you're in the darkness at the moment... at the end of a too long tunnel with no hope for respite, or you feel like you are down a well with no way of shinning up the slippy sides or you are bog-snorkelling through murky moods that feel like viscous treacle from which there is no escape. You acknowledge that it's a part of you at times... and you know as well that you can shed it like a snakeskin when you are brighter... renewing yourself in the process. The skin might build up in time but you can shake off those shackles that bind you.

When you get those moments, look for that little light. It can take a multitude of forms and is completely personal to you, but it's there for you if you look carefully. It could be a chat with a friend, a blog that resonated with you on Moodscope, bird song in the morning heralding the dawn of a brand new day, the sweet perfume of bluebells as you walk in the woods or a literal, physical, visible light, guiding you away from the dark.

Never lose hope for that little light and if you are struggling to find it, reach out to others to help you. They might know where it is, or where to help you find it... words are cathartic and reading others' stories can resonate the upbeat drum in your heart.

Life can feel like a never-ending battle or a game of mental snakes and ladders... up up up and then... bang right down swirling and whirling to the bottom again faster than your feet can catch up with the motion. But you know this feeling only too well. With knowledge comes power. Power over the dark side of you. Rise up to it, dust yourself down and look for that little light.

Here are some of my little lights – a heartfelt email to a friend, watching a nature programme, Gardeners' World on Friday night with Monty Don, nature walks with my husband and dogs, a scented bubble bath with a chilled glass of white wine then fresh clean pyjamas on into a cold bed with a good book, the gentle light of a candle, staring at the Christmas tree with its twinkling lights, decorations and breathing in the scent when all is quiet and dark in the house, that first cup of hot tea in the morning, spraying a new perfume on and watching the spring flowers bloom.

Never forget that you might just be that little light for someone one day. Let me know how you get on finding your light.


A Moodscope member.

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