The A to Z Guide to Life – Letter "G"

18 Jan 2016

"G" was a challenge. I know some really important insights on how to set "Goals" that will be realistic, things that could make your dreams come true - but my heart didn't resonate with the timing of that message. Instead, my heart said, "Give!"

This is particularly tough because I'm going to have to eat "Humble Pie"! Why? Well, I've been sharing a couple of key messages online: 1) don't teach wolves to chase sledges (i.e. Don't give stuff away; trade instead – as taught by Gavin Kennedy), and 2) don't be unequally yoked (i.e. don't stay in relationships where there isn't a balance of give and take.)

I have to say that I no longer believe either of those options are in the best interest of your higher self.

Instead, I have to say that giving without expecting anything in return is in your best interest. Giving is good for you. And if you can let go of any 'attachment' to the justice and fairness of those to whom you give paying you back in kind, you will be a very much happier person.

The Good Book suggests that God is kind to the ungrateful and wicked, and that we are happiest when we show ourselves to be cut from the same cloth as God. I think this is true regardless of your spiritual beliefs. True liberty comes when you can give, caring not whether you get anything back or not. When you get to this point, it's all about your own freedom to love – unconditionally. It's a divine moment. You will be free yourself.

So, somewhat embarrassedly, I'm going to encourage you to give with shameless audacity – give desiring, expecting and demanding NOTHING in return. Just give. And as you do, I believe you will begin to live at a much more dynamic level. Of course, if you're peeking out of the corner of your eye, expecting something in return, the magic is broken. It really is about "Just Give!"

Dare you.


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