The A to Z Guide to Life: Letter "L" for "Life"!

22 Feb 2016

"The Life and Soul of the Party!"

Well, I'm willing to bet most of us reading the Moodscope blog figure that 'someone else' is always the life and soul of the party. But we'd be wrong.

You are the life and soul of my party – I want you to know that – to really KNOW that.

You see, you are the spark. You are the spark that brings me hope.

You are the flame. You are the flame that gives me light.

You are the fire. You are the fire that warms my heart.

You are the life. You are the life that reminds me I have life to give too.

I now know that genetic scientists are so 'clever' that they can currently engineer just about any gene sequence they like. However, there's a snag. The engineered DNA doesn't work. It doesn't work until some living tissue is added to the mix. Life has to be added. Heart and soul. (Great song, btw, by Wolfstone – check it out:

There's a spark that is missing.

And you, dear friend, have that spark – no matter how diminished you believe it to be. So, how could we fan that spark into a flame this week – in just one week?

Here's how...

Here's a week of "Wow!"

Monday is for Moving. Moving towards more of what you want – just one step. Choose something you want more of (or someone!) and take one step towards this (or them!)

Tuesday is Chooseday – a day when you choose to spend time doing things or being with people that energise you. You need feeding up.

Wednesday is for Wealth Creation – taking the best in you and sharing it with someone else. Can you paint? Teach someone else! Are you empathetic? Show someone else how to be sensitive! Speak French? Seek a willing student, n'est pas?

Thursday is Turdsday... yes, unfortunately, you heard me. That 'stuff' happens and life is about dealing with it. But it can be fun! So, Thursday is clean up day. Tidy something. Clean something. Sort something. Heal a relationship.

Friday is for flowing, for growing, for building, for creating, for making... be bigger. Add something to the World today.

Saturday is for Sacrifice. Not in a bad way;in a great way! Give something back. Make a contribution. Ideally, do this 'secretly'. Pop a tenner through a neighbour's letter box!

Sunday is for Sensitivity. Reach out to those you love and listen. Just be sensitive to others.

And here's the promise, based on whatever credibility you have invested in me. If you follow this path, just for one week, you will feel more 'alive' than you have for years. Promise.


A Moodscope member.

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