The A to Z Guide to Life – Letter 'O' for 'Organic'.

14 Mar 2016

Yes, dig up your spuds, then leave the dirt on them, then sell them for twice the price, labelled as, 'Organic'! Sound skeptical? Not at all. Sounds like a wise use of time (saving time unnecessarily over-washing and sorting) and boosting profit.

Huge thanks to Jo for covering 'N' for 'Nutrition' for me last week. Surprisingly, this isn't going to be a blog about Organic Food but rather a blog about Organic You!

Over processed, time-saving, convenience food is a wonderful metaphor for our modern lifestyles. We can get caught in the rat race from one meaningless meeting to another, multi-tasking as we go to make the most of our time. Hey, I've even taught such over-processed rubbish.


Press pause.

Breath. (In and Out – very good idea.)

You are a Living Organism.

That means, by default, you are most definitely organic.

And organic organisms need rest.

They need light – natural light.

They need pure water.

They need sleep.

They need good food – natural, wholesome food.

They need good friends – good, positive, supportive friends.

They need cuddles and stroking.

They need a sense of direction.

They need help and support from the group they are in.

They need a way to structure their time so that it supports their purpose.

They need to know they are OK.

They need thanks.

They need to show thanks.

They need to honour the meaningful emotions... like grief, joy, peace and love.

You are not a robot.

Neither are you just a cog in a machine.

You have a voice.

You have a heartbeat.

You are passionate.

You need to be yourself.

You need to express yourself.

And perhaps you need to find yourself again.

You need time.

Quiet time.

To be.

So Press Pause today and realise that Organic Beings need good, wholesome, natural inputs and stimuli.

[And a bit of organic food wouldn't go amiss either... you can wash the dirty bits off!]


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