The A to Z Guide to Life – Letter P for Possibility.

27 Mar 2016

I first thought of P for Positivity, but realised this is something I have had a life-long struggle with. Basically, my life is pretty amazing compared with those in poorer circumstances. I've eaten well, I've been educated, I've always had shelter even if not my own home, I've drunk a lot of wine... I had my daily bread plus treats. Food, shelter, security – pretty good things to have.

But I have never been satisfied. I am not referring to satisfying any specific material greed. I'm referring to dissatisfaction with a World that I don't think is fair and that doesn't 'work'. I have been troubled with the levels of selfishness in the World and the unspeakable expressions of unkindness. So I've always been a peaceful revolutionary.

P then, for me, is Possibility. I see possibilities everywhere... every day in just about everything. Today, I'm going to recommend "Possibility Thinking" rather than "Positive Thinking". It can achieve similar positive results but there's no need to feel positive. I can feel low, even depressed, but nevertheless perceive possibilities in a situation.

Missed the plane? Is it possible that I can catch a later one without penalty? Is it possible that I may meet someone in the lounge or on the next plane that will beneficially impact my life or I, theirs? Will the extra time in the lounge give me a chance to finally read that book I'd been promising to read? Is it possible that I could have a couple of hours peace?

Someone forgets your birthday? Is it possible that they are planning a surprise? Is it possible something else is going on in their life and that they need you to be a good friend?

Possibility thinking can be triggered with those first few words, "Is it possible...?" Setting your mind on this alternative thinking journey enables you to put a new frame around the picture you're seeing and to see it thus in new and empowering ways.

Is it possible this blog will open up a good day for you? How about a great day, it that possible?


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