The A to Z Guide to Life: Letter S for Songs and Stories.

1 May 2016

One of the most simple songs by The Carpenters is also one of my favourite. It is called, "Sing".

I suspect that, for copyright reasons, it's not wise to quote the whole song here, so let me lift the themes and you can check it out on YouTube or Spotify... then sing along.

Karen encourages us to sing out loud and strong – which suggests at the top of our voices – with all our heart and soul.

She also suggests we sing about happy and good things, not the sad and bad – there's enough of the latter in the news.

What really struck me, though, was the encouragement to make your song (hats off to Sir Elton) simple enough to last a lifetime – your Signature Song. And, if you really won't bring yourself to sing, your story. What's your song, what's your story, what's your simple message?

I often ask people this question, occasionally framed as, "What's your noble purpose?" It really does need to be simple. I've known mine since I was 18 – to change minds in order to transform experiences. To swap old patterns of thinking for new patterns that offer new choices. Not the catchiest of lyrics but I'm sure I could write a song about it!

What I didn't realise at 18 was that I needed to sing my song to and for myself first – I'm the one who needs to change first. And Karen says that I shouldn't worry about whether my song or my story is good enough for anyone else to hear – it begins with me.

My belief, however, it that when you and I find our song (or make it up) and tell our story in a way that is true to ourselves, then the World will indeed sing along. We know there are over 7 billion people on the Planet now – and many of them, perhaps millions of them, can echo the sentiments of your song – resonating with your message.

Let your story and your song reverberate down the corridors of time, telling of your history and defining your future. I finish with a small direct quote from the song:

Sing of love there could be

Sing for you and for me.

Here's to singing happy songs this week!


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