The back bench 

29 Nov 2020

The days are whipping by so quickly.  I’m dashing between volunteering with befriending phone calls, setting up IT support where possible, helping my parents navigate this new world, parenting teenagers, supporting my brother through his not-spoken-of mental health and helping him fight for his business survival. I’m very tired. Not suffering. Not ill myself, thankfully, but tired and keeping aware of the growing struggle to get up before dawn each day. This is the season when my body screams for hibernation. Tonight, I served up a very easy, hearty autumnal tea of sausages, potatoes, carrots and buttery, salty cabbage. It tasted like heaven. As I washed up, I saw the back hedge shimmering in the end of today’s sunshine. “Don’t miss that” I heard my body call.

So here I am. In the back, on the bench, winter puffy coat on for comfort. The birds are tweeting like mad, I hear parents on the back path chattering in Italian to their child on a bike, and the sky is gifting me its embers. I hear a runner. Two. A car door. Silence and then I hear two birds, wings glide through the air not far above my head.

I realise I am fully rested in this wee moment and, finding it like a gripping drama, don’t want to leave! I’ll wait. Soak it all in.

I hope you can find soak moments because they’re extremely restorative. Keeping aiming at it.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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