The black dog.

25 Mar 2018

I have the urge to write in verse,

Life is good, it could be worse.

At times my eyes just fill with tears

I am beset with irrational fears.

With all I have to make me glad,

How is it that I feel so sad.

I feel detached and life is blurred.

The notions I have are quite absurd.

Of blessings I know I have many to count,

But it is the dread inside that I have to surmount.

Unravel the knots, wipe the slate clean,

But how to do that remains to be seen.

It has grown late, time for my bed,

Lay to rest my weary head.

Tomorrow is another day,

Look for hope, find a way...

There are still too many days that I feel like that.

How do you, my merry Moodscopers, deal with the idea that life isn't so bad, yet the black dog sits by your side and sucks the joy out of things?

Take care one and all,

Another Sally xx

A Moodscope member.

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