The cup and the saucer

10 Apr 2020

Years and years ago, in my first flat, living alone. Saturdays often had a time somewhere in the mid afternoon when I'd shopped and cleaned and life lay open and empty. No spare pennies, not one. I'd walk to the West End of our town and into my most favourite shop. Habitat. I didn't stop at the window to shop I just went straight on in and up. Started high and worked my way down. Around each floor, absorbing a lifestyle I might never have but oh what a joy to be had living inside the dream. It was the next best thing and I was so happy for it!

One day, I stumbled upon a dinner service. It was white china and trimmed with a mosaic pattern in Mediterranean colours. Well I was in love. Smitten. We had to be together. Ah but the small issue of no spare pennies, not one.

Next pay day I knew I would go some way to having a little of the dream. And that Saturday mid-afternoon when life lay open and empty I walked. Straight into my favourite shop. Did the circuit, casually flirting with my love. Not committing too soon. And then, once I'd soaked in what I needed I made my purchase. One teacup and one saucer. Oh did I cherish them! I took them to work so I could be close to them on a daily basis. And we were happy. So very happy. Others commented on my treasure and I smiled that internal smile of happiness.

One day my cup gave up the ghost. I don't even remember how. But it broke and a little piece of me did too. It was years later and I knew it was not replaceable. So the saucer and I made our way onwards. We're still together. It serves as my spoon rest when I'm cooking, sometimes I plop olives in it and we are still together. Twenty seven years or so.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking up my local road and by a charity shop. The world clicked into place a little as I was met by a bunch of my cups and saucers in the window beside me! All these years on! Of course, I bought everything that was there. The milk jug I didn't need. The sugar bowl with the missing lid. The odd two espresso cups sharing a saucer. And six cups and six saucers that I felt had been sent to join me from another place and another time. I possibly wouldn't choose them nowadays if I was buying an entire dinner service and yet the feeling was firmly that we were meant to be together.

Someone else's cups can't have been used often as the pattern is strong and shiny against my little saucer whose pattern is much faded. And my message today is this, take strength and take courage. Don't think too hard. What is meant for you will just happen when it does. We really have little control over the bigger picture in life and so if we keep stepping our steps, things will take shape as is meant. Keep stepping and keep your eyes wide.

Love from

The room above the garage with a new cup and an old saucer

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