The Deific

17 Nov 2016

A tribute to Leonard Cohen who sadly died last week...

Suddenly the night has grown colder,

It is not a trick, my senses play their part.

You fall among the voices departed from us,

As I slip between, the sentries of my heart.

Suddenly the day has grown colder,

I truly wish this moment was imagined.

I was not prepared for this to happen,

Exquisite music, even darker - orphaned.

Suddenly the week has grown colder,

You slept with me on sheets of satin.

Uphold now, the simplicities of pleasure,

First you took Manhattan, then you took Berlin.

Suddenly the month has grown colder,

The God of lyrics, now departed us.

He ached in places, he would evoke,

Conus, corpus, coitus, crisis.

Suddenly the year has grown colder,

A fitful dream, now slipped away.

As someone not prepared for this occasion,

I will not seek to now deceitfully pray.

Suddenly the decade has grown colder,

What strategy takes me, to this abyss?

I fall among your voice and deeper tones,

Listening will never ever, be remiss.

Suddenly the century has grown colder,

It’s not a trick your senses all deceiving.

And you who had the honour of our love,

Therein, foreclosed, herein, above.

Suddenly my life has grown colder,

In full command of every plan I wrecked.

I say goodbye to Leonard leaving,

I say goodbye to Mr Cohen lost.


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