The Ebb and Flow of Life.

17 Jan 2016

LIFE never gives you warning of the directions it will flow;

Whether you will hit the rocks or sail on out to sea!

Life doesn't have an option to allow you to pick and choose!

Life's journey is one that can be either rough or smooth!

Will you miss the tide in life and never reach your 'Port of Call?'

Will your life be one of dreams or one that is a living hell?

Will you grow-up to be rich or poor or somewhere in between?

Your life could be a disaster, because you walked right into mine?

You could become a Rock Star, and end up doing drugs!

You could become a Movie Star, who lives life on the Silver Screen!

You could wake-up to find your life turned upside down!

Unknown to you, in life you've turned out to be a clown!

While you might give the appearance that you can walk on air,

Will you waltz through life, believing no one counts but you?

Will you claim without help, you climbed up the ladder of success,

When with every step you took, you stood on someone's head!

Will you lead the life of one, who never comes to know despair?

Or the one of many who wake up to find their loved ones gone?

Will you decide to standalone, or accept support from friends?

Will you find the strength in life, that will help you carry on?

Will you find that, someone; who will love you right on back?

Will your poor heart be broken and trampled underfoot?

Will you learn to trust and share, or will you be the one who takes?

Will you find a kindred soul, who will become your best friend?

Will you lead the way in life, or will you follow on from behind?

Will you reach out for the Stars and find you land on Mars!

Will you know the way to go, when faced with two or three?

Will you follow the path of God, or the foolishness of man?

Will you be the one with little and give to those with less?

Will you ask for nothing and expect something in return?

Will you seek the joys of life or spend a lifetime feeling blue?

Will you become a legend who is remembered throughout time?

Will you take a gamble on the cards that you are dealt face down?

Will you get through the moments; you have no influence on at all?

Will you find the answers, to the situations that you have to face?

Will you get to decide the outcome and go on to win the final race?


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