The Elephant in the Fridge – Revisited.

20 Sep 2013

Did you read Adrian's Elephant and Fridge blog on Sunday? He considered a question that (thankfully) has not bothered many of us in real life: how do you get an elephant into your fridge?

We all face dilemmas of similar seeming impossibility; those situations that send us spiralling into flat despair and bouts of depression. So, being very intrigued by Adrian's answer: "Open the door and put it inside" I decided to explore this a bit. Because, at first glance, it just doesn't seem that simple, does it?

But maybe it could be that easy if only we take a step back and start to look at things more creatively. It also helps if we're prepared to think the unacceptable, ask people for unreasonable favours and risk looking silly.

So, let's imagine I'm in my kitchen with the elephant. We'll call him Bob.

I open the fridge door and gesture encouragingly. Bob gives me a look at says "You've gotta be joking! See, even if you take out the milk, butter, cheese and that tub of left-over baked beans, there's a question of scale; it can't be done!"

He's right. I need a bigger fridge or a smaller elephant. But wait – if I chop Bob up into little chunks…. But he's a lot bigger than I am and now his look says "Come on if you think you're hard enough." I don't.

Is there a handy pot of 'Elephant Reducing Powder' lying around? Is that product even on the market?

So – larger fridge it is then. Now, as I can't get one of those walk in catering fridges in my kitchen, I need to borrow one.

I phone up my neighbours who run a restaurant in town. They explain that they'd be delighted, but sadly Health regulations won't allow it. Maybe the people who make the fridges could help.

I contact the walk-in fridge makers. Thankfully I get hold one of their more imaginative staff members and before long Bob is featured an advertisement for their products in all the magazines catering for the catering industry. "Our fridge is so big it even holds an elephant!" It really was that simple after all.

They've drawn the line at the tiger though!

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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