The Enemy of My Enemy.

29 Jun 2015

The wise say, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

I would love to be a man of faith. I admire women and men of faith. But 'doubt' is far more often my companion. It's a dour campanion too! All doom and gloom - but it means well, I guess.

I've had an idea.

I think it is a revolutionary one.

If I learned to doubt my doubts, would they be overcome or even transformed into faith?

Would this be like fighting fire with fire?

For example, I'm not a natural administrator. I even fear doing my accounts because, for me, it is really unpleasant. I 'doubt' that I'll ever be any good at it.

But actually, I doubt that statement. I know I'm pretty intelligent. I know that maths is one of the few fair things in life - it just works. And if it doesn't work, that just means I've not learned the best pattern to use to get it to work. I have faith that it can work and that I can make it work. I therefore doubt my doubt.

There's an interesting concept called "Force Field Analysis". In it, you draw a huge arrow and in this arrow you write the change you'd like to move towards. Then you do a set of arrows, pointing in the same direction as the change, thus supporting this transformation.

Then the fun begins. You also draw a whole army of arrows against the flow. These are the 'doubts' - the factors that would stop the change.

What excited me about this technique is that it is equally as effective to disempower the factors against the miracle as it is to strengthen the forces that move towards the miracle. It's like knocking the legs out from under the table that resists you. It must fall.

What are your doubts? Many young people doubt that they'll ever own a home of their own. Many older people doubt they'll have enough to live on in retirement. Many of us doubt we'll ever meet our soul-mate, or even doubt that soul-mates exist. Some believe that happiness is for others, but doubt it is for them.

I doubt that.

All that.

I doubt that I'll never have a home of my own or enough to retire on or even that I'll never find my soul-mate. Hey, you might even be reading this!

So will you join me in my doubts?

What shall we doubt together today?

How shall we create happiness together?


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