The Go To Person

26 Dec 2020

Are you the go to person?

I wanted to call this blog ‘Your gift’ because I was thinking of the emphasis on commercial gifts and buying things, but we all have a gift, a special skill a quality we are known for.

I thought asking people to explain their gift may sound I am asking you to boast. This is more about being the go-to person.

In my partners family he is the go-to person for anything practical, I am the go-to person for anything about children’s books, and mental health. When I was younger, I was the person to ask about family birthdays and the family tree and stories about my parents and grandparents.

I hope that makes it clearer. Even if you feel that you are not a go to person, you maybe, but not seen it that way before.

So, what sort of go to person are you? Is there a skill you have learnt this year that you have shared with others? It doesn’t have to be something serious; it could be you are teller of funny stories; you recommend movies or TV shows.

I just wanted to learn more about Moodscopers and what they can do.


A Moodscope member

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