The great outdoors indoors.

23 Apr 2015

Like many people my wellbeing is boosted by experiencing the outdoors. I'm lucky that immediately outdoors for me is a lovely garden. A garden nurtured for over 50 years by the wonderful lady living here before us. I remember so clearly the waves of delight spreading over me when I spotted a beautiful magnolia tree during the first viewing of our future home. As someone who rarely gets excited about anything (!) it was a truly amazing feeling for me. I'm grateful to now live here and have the opportunity to care for and enjoy the garden further. I also enjoy teaching my young family what I already know (so they know their dandelions from their daffodils!) and discovering so many new things myself.

But what about those darker days when you can't or don't go out? Well how about bringing a bit of the great outdoors, indoors? I'm someone who's kept houseplants for many years now. An abundance of research shows that this not only benefits wellbeing, it speeds recovery from illness, builds relationships and increases compassion. It can apparently even boost children's ability to learn.

Looking back I've rescued some sad looking plants from local DIY stores in my time and nurtured them back to health. Yes, I've lost some over the years (I'm no Alan Titchmarsh!) but around a decade later some are still here. My recently re-potted Peace Lilly for example is now three plants: two of which are currently in flower. We've all had our ups and downs but in caring for them I'm perhaps reminded to care generally. Are they getting enough water, space or light (very obvious when they're not). Am I? Are you?

So how about adding something green to your desk? Or why not treat yourself (or a friend) to a simple, beautiful bunch of daffodils? But perhaps take care before you decide on your purchase. I've recently heard that people are mistaking daffodils for spring onions in supermarkets. A vase of spring onions could raise a smile and be a talking point, but it wouldn't quite bring 'spring' indoors in the way I'm advocating!


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