The Hero Inside You

13 Dec 2021

I’m pretty sure most of us don’t look in the mirror and think, “My Hero!” But you are. Whether as a friend, a family member, an eco-campaigner, or a volunteer helping others, you are a hero… in the making.

In 2022, we will need more heroes – heroes just like you. But even heroes need help. First up, you’ll need a wise guide – someone you can trust. Moodscope is one of those guides – and you’ll have more – your therapist, your buddies. You may find your guide waiting for you behind the comments since we are uniquely positioned to help one another – we attract some excellent community leaders who are facing similar challenges. If they are even one step ahead of you on their own Hero’s Quest, they can share valuable insights to help you. You’ll also need a map to show the route to follow for your quest. The ‘Scope’ is an excellent map to follow your progress or your diversion from the path to mental wellbeing.

If you’re a heroic parent, you’ll have realised by now that the role didn’t come with a manual! Whatever role you need the manual for, it probably doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, finding guides is easy when you dig deep into YouTube or ask the the members! Then you can write the manual together.

My own network is huge and powerful and ready to help all those I am connected with – I can guarantee I can find the right person for those who ask, with a map that will help you find your treasure and unlock more of your heroic potential. I love being a bridge connecting people.

Every hero needs a villain to bring out the best in them. Covid will be with us for a while longer, and it is pure evil. Global warming. Loneliness. The Black Dog of Depression. Pick your villain, don your armour and pursue your noble quest.

Of course, since every hero is different (think Marvel Avengers), their quests are also very different – as are their strengths and their backstory. Hero-in-the-making, what do you really desire? Hero, what’s stopping you from obtaining what you wish for? What will life be like when you achieve your heart’s desire?

We are all rooting for you! Hear the call to action: “Time to shine!” And it’s time to ask for help or guidance or direction or a map. Overcoming obstacles begins with seeking support.


A Moodscope member.

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