The high road or the low road.

24 Aug 2013

So, I'm walking the dog on the beach. I see another dog do a mess right there on the main area where kids play all day long. The owners are 30 yards ahead, looking elsewhere, oblivious.

I'm furious. I feel the anger in my body, my heart beats faster, my emotions are powerful, my mind starts racing. I see myself screaming out at them, how dare they? This will spoil it for all dog walkers if we are banned, how could they? I see my rage and their hostile response.

Then, I choose differently.

I breathe slowly and deeply. I calm myself down. I go and pick up the mess and ask myself if I can honestly say I've never missed a mess my dog had made, never been distracted. I amble up to them..."Excuse me, I guess you didn't notice but your dog did a mess back there so I picked it up. It's just that a lot of kids play there". Oh my gosh, they were both embarrassed and grateful and couldn't thank me enough.

I see that I have a choice as to how to respond as opposed to instantly reacting? My bodily sensations and emotions react very fast and can easily override my ability to think. Instead of 'mindfulness' perhaps it's too easy to end up with 'mindlessness' and then we're all worse off.


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