The humble golf ball.

21 Jul 2013

Apart from the odd fun game of crazy golf on holiday when I was young, I've never enjoyed a real game of golf. I know nothing of this popular sport and yet, I think the golf ball can teach us a powerful lesson.

The golf ball originally started out life smooth. However, it was found that the more the ball was used and the more dents, bumps and lumps it collected the higher, truer and faster it flew. Thus, eventually, a ball was designed with all the dimples, or indentations, that make the golf ball we know today. What's the lesson?

As we fly through life we may take a great many knocks and blows. These trials and tribulations can actually help us to fly higher and with greater success. Challenges can shape us and mould our characters for the better.

Ah now, I can hear a cacophony of voices shouting: 'I'd prefer to have less problems, even if it means my character is a little less for it.' Or maybe, 'If you only knew what I'm going through I doubt you'd dare infer that it is, at least, character building.

Yet, if we can, even on the darkest of days, remember somewhere in a back corner of our mind that this current crises or problem may just be teaching us more empathy, humility, patience, understanding, wisdom or courage, then surely, that is something positive to cling to.

So, what do you say? Shall we play golf?

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