The last 4 doctors.

19 Sep 2013

If you're feeling under the weather, it may seem logical to visit your GP and get some medicine. While medications certainly have their place, it's often argued that General Practitioners don't have the time to assess the root cause of an issue.

Holistic lifestyle coach, Paul Chek, teaches a simple concept called 'The last 4 doctors you'll ever need', a tool to delve a bit deeper into some of the underlying causes of ill health. It suggests that most of our health problems can be helped by addressing four different aspects of our lives. The four doctors are: Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness.

Dr. Quiet. Life can get a bit hectic, whether it's the school run, a stressful job or simply the feeling of being overwhelmed. For many people, a hectic lifestyle is not out of the ordinary and is, during certain times of the year, a fact of life. It is important to realize that chronic exposure to a hectic lifestyle might not be helping your health issues. Dr Quiet's primary concern is that you balance these with periods of quiet time, whether that be a good night's sleep or just easing up on your daily work schedule.

Dr. Diet is here to remind you that being aware of what you put into your body is essential. The food we put into our bodies supplies the materials that we use to regenerate. If you have a poor diet, then it's going to be those poor quality materials that your body uses to repair itself. This can have all sorts of knock-on effects and could be playing a part in any health issues you may have.

Dr. Movement. For most of us, exercise might not be a top priority in our daily lives. However, this doctor isn't saying you need to start training like an Olympic athlete or, in fact, 'train' at all. Dr. Movement is primarily concerned with general mobility. To keep moving and exercise joints fully every day, to take the stairs instead of the lift, or simply have a stretch every now and then.

Dr. Happiness. When it comes to overcoming health problems, happiness is an important factor. Most people haven't got a clear idea of what makes them happy, or what it is for them to be happy. Dr. Happiness is concerned with understanding what happiness means to you and the barriers preventing you from leading a happy life. Often, we are compromising our values when it might be unnecessary to do so.

Next time you're feeling a little under the weather, or just that your life could do with a boost, the 4 doctors might be what you need to start making changes in your life.

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