The Law of Attraction.

13 Dec 2015

Ok. So its nearly christmas... and I'm pretty much skint. I've had a lot of expense recently and was just in a total spin as to how I was going to buy any presents for Xmas.

Someone told me years ago about the Law of Attraction. A way of asking the Universe to provide for you by putting out a resquest to the powers above and maybe you will get what you need.

So I put it out there - I needed some money please. I need to buy special presents for special people. I was getting very low thinking I'd only be able to give small tokens and not be able to feed all the people I'd invited for Xmas lunch - my friends and neighbours.

But although I'd put my faith out there, I could not see how any money could possibly come. I mean I wasn't due to get anything from anyone or anywhere.

Today... WOW... well, today the post came. Two innocuous envelopes containing just the right amount of money to put my life back on track arrived!

I received £500 from an electrial provider as I'd been over paying the amount due and £300.00 as a winter fuel allowance. So I sit here amazed and blessed. I don't think it has really sunk in!

So... sometimes in life you just have to be patient... just as night follows day, every day could potentially change how you view the world. Today I can order a large turkey, buy presents for the special people in my life and put some savings back for a rainy day.

Happy Christmas to you all.



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