The Loss of Ancient wisdom.

26 Feb 2015

In ancient Rome, before 'busyness' took over, when there was a key question for the community, everyone who had an interest met in the 'agora' (the marketplace).

The reason for this is that they would then dialogue ('through words') offering all points of view until they would communally agree what action the city would take.

Everyone was equal – everyone could speak and everyone had to agree.

So decisions were powerful agreements – bonds - on these key issues.

This 'process' worked well for many decades, until businesses started to become too 'busy' to have time to both speak and listen and decide.

The 'busyness' (IQ, through power, influence, right/wrong world) then took over.

Rich business people then decided that they did not have the time to go and 'dialogue' as it interfered with their earnings and they would then hire a representative to go and state their side of the story! So, no matter what anyone else said, the representative's job was to achieve the outcome on this subject that their 'owner' wanted.

This is when dialogue became debate.

This meant people were pitted against, or opposed to, each other and also when the community lost its unified, strong and coherent voice.

Unfortunately today, in my view, we see the worst example of this when the two political leaders attempt to undermine each other at Prime Ministers question time - such behaviour would not be allowed in a primary school!

I raise this, following last week's blog by asking do you feel totally listened to and understood when you visit your GP, or psychiatrist, or psychologist, or therapist? Or do you find yourself in some form of debate?

If it is the former, your chance of 'healing' is much higher as what you will have done is to build the No 1 part of your 'healing' human trust. If you have trust between two people, it is their hearts that align first and then with authenticity 'we' can find an answer. Two become one and in ancient Rome, hundreds became one!

And sometimes for your own heart and head to act as one is difficult enough never mind two or more people! Trust is the one things that changes everything - even your health.

Who can you build a more trusting relationship with today (even yourself) to become more balanced and more healthy and who do you need to have a dialogue with and get back to building coherence not competition?


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