The Meaning of Christmas

23 Dec 2018

I have compiled this Christmas list from some of the themes expressed in many of the Moodscope blogs over the last 12 months:

C is for Caring. Care for others and leave some for yourself.

H is for Hope. Even at our lowest points always believe things will get better.

R is for Respect. We may not like everybody but we should respect their views and behaviours.

I is for Interesting. Encourage interests and passions to fight negative thoughts.

S is for Sympathy. Sympathise and try to empathise with others and their difficulties.

T is for Togetherness. Seek shared interests and join others to enjoy them. Which leads nicely to :

M is for Moodscope! The camaraderie shown on this site is amazing and truly inspirational. Long may it continue.

A is for acceptance. We all need to find inner peace and sometimes need to accept something we cannot change.

S is for Seasons. Enjoy the changing landscape throughout the year. Spring is not far away.


A Moodscope member.

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