the merry-go-round

9 Sep 2020

Hi all, I was hoping that one day I could write a blog that would inspire you all and show that I’ve finally beaten this emotional and mental anguish! No I’m not dramatising things, although some people might think that… (not until you experience it yourself, will you understand.)

However it’s not the case, I’m still on the merry go round. Lockdown has made things worse yet I continue to get up in the morning, work, sleep… the same pattern every day. I go for a walk but if I’m truly honest, I’m not well!

I’ve just started therapy after more than a year waiting, I’m also in the process of trying to buy my own home… this is proving all to be too much when this should have been a more pleasurable moment/time! I feel weak, my perception is skewed, I’m struggling at work, emotional when I shouldn’t be! I’m not myself… can I carry on for long! Who knows…

Is there light…


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