The Metaphor that answers the question, "What Am I Here For?"

8 May 2016

I am interested in people – after all, I am one myself! I'm a person, with a person-ality. So are you! And, frankly, you are unlikely to be consciously aware of how you describe yourself and your personality to others. You see, you will use metaphors to describe yourself, your personality and your life.

So let's begin with 'Life'.

How do you see your life? Is it a race? Is it a roller-coaster? Is it a game – perhaps of cards or of chance? Is it a party? Is it a drama? A comedy? A farce?

These metaphors help you find and define your purpose in life.

If your life is a "race", the purpose of life is to win the race in the fastest possible time! You'll discover that you never have enough time because everything is so urgent. You will also need to compete all the time.

If, instead, life is "a walk in the park" – your pace and what you pay attention to will be rather different!

If your life is a "roller-coaster", you won't be surprised when it has lots of ups and downs – in fact you'll be expecting them!

If it's a game of cards or chance, you'll seek to play "the hand you've been dealt" and "take a chance" here and there. Risky? A gamble? Or just fun?

If it's a "party", your purpose will be to enjoy yourself – a life focused on pleasures.

Those of us who describe our lives in dramatic terms, as a comedy, a romance, a farce or even a tragedy, will seek out players to fulfil their roles in our life's drama. We may even be able to discern each Act in the play.

Or perhaps, for you, life is a "battle"? If it is, you will experience conflict everywhere.


Here's a such a poorly kept secret that you know it already: you write the script.

Ergo, you can change the script.

Fancy a change?

Write it into today's script then start using the language of your new metaphor. I'm torn between "A Walk In The Park" and a work of "Romantic Fiction"!

I wish you bonne adventure!


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