The Miner.

28 Jan 2018

KVELL (a Yiddish word meaning to be extraordinarily pleased)

Poor old Moodscope I use you like I use my friends :-(

When I'm down your always there,

When I'm up your always there,

When I'm low I do my score.

But when the Dementers come or I fall down that mine hole, I use you my dear Moodscope like I use my friends, even the feathered ones.

I stare out the window, looking at my feathered friends pecking on the food that I can't really afford to buy, but I do it because I want to give something back to this world and be remembered to be a better person.

I can hear the vicar at my funeral, who knows nothing about me saying "The Miner... she liked to feed Gods birds."

When I visit the mine, I use you my tiny feathered friends I don't feed you, or clean your water trough, it's full of sludge. I am the Zombie staring out into the garden.

The little feathered friends bathe in the two stone troughs by the tree with the fancy bark, one trough bought by a piece of my heart, the other bought my someone who took a large chunk of my heart... that's if the water is clean.

Am I in the mine or am I in the garden?

To see God's nature flapping their wings & swinging on those food stations, it gladdens my heart & I feel KVELL! This replaces a tiny piece of my heart.

(I'm not religious, I use god down the mine, like I use poor Moodscope.)

I heard of this Yiddish saying at work - KVELL it means to be extraordinarily pleased. This was issued by my company on an email as a thank you to its staff, it's a company in the US, one of the richest top ten companies to work for; you may have read that email too?

If not, before you get envious of my job... hold that thought, I'm just a temp, on a low hour's contract going down the mine. It suits me to temp even though I'd love a permanent role, am I fit enough to give up mining?

KVELL, it made my heart glow to learn a new word, I could use it in a book that I always wanted to write, but never did.

Staring just staring, caring just caring, I am The Miner constantly climbing out of the mine.

Do you use people?

How do you want to be remembered?

RATG challenged me to write a blog...this is my first one.

The Miner

A Moodscope member.

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