"The Moodscope Mobile App made such a positive difference to me."

18 Nov 2014

Just one quote from a member who has started using the Moodscope App.

Here are a few more:

"The new Moodscope App has meant that I’ve logged my scores much more frequently. Partly because I’ve been able to do it whilst out and about but also because it’s meant I can log my scores quicker as well, whilst waiting for a phone call or a meeting to start."

KSP, A Moodscope member

"I have found that I've probably used the app about 70% of the time in preference to using the website, as it's quicker and easier."

RH, A Moodscope member

"Thanks for the App. Now I can do the test on my mobile, it's not only more convenient, but I don't have to worry about who may oversee me doing the test in the office on my PC. Seems more private, which is important to me."

JL, A Moodscope member.

"For several weeks now I have being using the new mobile app and I have found it really useful. I'm Moodscoping on the train, in the cafe where I have breakfast and have even been doing it whilst I was away for a few days on holiday. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I know it's helping me!"

SH, A Moodscope member.

Has this persuaded you to try it? Or if you are already using it, please send us your feedback

The Moodscope Web App is available to Moodscope Essential and Moodscope Plus members, so if you're already a subscriber go to http://m.moodscope.com to access it, and if you're not and you'd like to upgrade, details are your Moodscope account home page.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and feedback. It's very much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Adrian and Caroline

The Moodscope Team.

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