The Pangs of Grief

8 Jul 2019

There will be some regular Moodscopers who will have seen a post on 13/8/17. "At sea without a compass", concerning my late daughter.

I know, from reading blogs and comments, that many of us have been bereaved in recent years. Everyone feels their grief differently and I find it curious how random things can bring back the pangs. I belong to a church choir. I don't necessarily consider myself as particularly religious, but I love the singing and the sense of community.

The other day the choir were requested to sing at a wedding. The bride and groom were not regular attenders, so I did not recognise the name. As I watched the lovely, young bride walk up the aisle with her father, I recognised the man. When the vicar said the bride's name I realised that she had been a primary school classmate of my late daughter.

I experienced that awful catch in the throat, and at times I was hardly able to sing, my mouth moved but no words came out. Here was a lovely young woman, so happy to be getting married and yet my late daughter had been unable to overcome her difficulties and settle down with the caring young man with whom she had lived for a few years. Oh, the heartache...

On a brighter note, I have been pretty well recently, scores above average. The other daughter with health issues is much better. She has a job she loves and will soon move into her own place.

My OH and I are in the early stages of selling our house and hope to find the right place in the same village as the church where we have rung bells and sung hymns for many years - so that we can truly become part of the village community.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Take care fellow Moodscopers.

Another Sally xx

A Moodscope member.

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