The paradox of showing vulnerability...

16 Dec 2018

Our natural instinct is to hide any vulnerability and in some situations that may be wise.

But the surprising thing I found is that showing how vulnerable you are can have exactly the opposite effect of our worst fears. It can have a positive effect and open doors we thought were slammed shut. As humans we respond well to authentic disclosure from others and far from mocking we tend to want to help.

I discovered this by accident when I felt I had to tell a deeply personal and humiliating story from my past to show why I cared about an issue I felt compelled to address. I thought I would be laughed at and mocked but the reverse happened. I was supported and helped by a team who got behind the issue and resolved it.

Science has now proved that this is a real phenomena and there are very useful TED talks on vulnerability which make the point much better than I can.

Have you ever found that by letting your vulnerability show it made a positive difference?



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