The Passing

10 Jun 2020

My Aunt Helen would have been 100 years old if she didn’t die eight years ago today.

My cousin Scott would have been 58 had he not died one year ago today after being hospitalised for heart problems and excessive bleeding.

My son, Kyle, and his wife, Melissa, have barely left their Chicago apartment in three months, afraid to do any harm to their first expected child, a boy, due at the end of July. Today, is their 3rd anniversary.

I have a hard time celebrating or crying anymore, feeling more shell-shocked than anything, by so many losses, by this virus that has killed over 100,000 Americans. Our lives have radically changed, from the deadly fears we faced in early March to the quarantines, our world is closed, Passover and Easter shadows of themselves, the constant search for groceries online, masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers, gloves, and toilet paper, as we just try to live and move forward safely and sanely.

We have adapted. My business is considered essential in Michigan though many of us work from home. Our sales are down 35% but we are still open for business, not closed nor bankrupt. We are doing our best to keep everyone employed as long as we can, hoping that our customers and our company can survive.

Three of our employees got Coronavirus in April. One of them was sick at home and his little boy also got sick but the boy’s fever broke in two days. A few weeks after, he and his wife had their second child. All of them are recovered and Monday, he is going back to the office to work, thankful that he is alive and has a new baby. His fears are gone for now.

I take nothing for granted. I wash my hands after every possible meeting with what I fear. I wear masks outside at stores and inside when I’m with others. I keep my distance, both physically and emotionally. It’s what we have to do to survive.

I am tired of those who think this is just another flu and masks are worthless and everything should open up again, just like before the virus came. I am tiring of the political name-calling, both sides disrespectful of each other.

I am worn out and yet, I am here. My wife is okay, my daughters and son are healthy, my daughter in law is expecting her first child, my oldest daughter and son-in-law are healthy and happily pre-occupied with their 28-month-old daughter and her new-born sister.

Why should I complain? I am very lucky. All of those who have families unscathed by Covid should be thankful. Yes, I am fearful and know that more deaths will come. And I realize the economic impact will be severe for a long time and will effect all of us.

We cannot predict nor should we. We should celebrate our lives and fondly remember those we lost and then put our hearts and souls into helping others and taking care of those we can.

Let us get past the pain of our loved ones and thousands of others passing into another world. We know this will all pass at some point and yet we will never forget this monumental passage of our lives.



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