The power of touch

11 Nov 2018

It was a small gesture, repeated on separate occasions by two people at the art society where I paint. Just a touch on the lower arm, a pat. But it lifted my spirits, and, I believe, has aided my recovery.

For weeks I'd felt way under par, all positives turned negative, low energy, low motivation, low self esteem, no organisational ability. I had missed a number of weeks, talking myself out of going, unable to face people. On that day, I suppose the mask might've slipped, and revealed, through my body language or general demeanour, that actually, I was feeling quite low. I could well be imagining this. Nevertheless, the point is that just when I needed it, two of my fellow painters had seemed to pick up on this mood. And responded through touch. Touch that was not forced, or patronising either.

I think touch is one of the most overlooked of the five senses, but highly effective for giving reassurance and support. Or so I have found. To my surprise.

Has anyone else had this experience of feeling acknowledged and supported through this one simple act? For it has had the power to set me on the way back to enjoying life fully again. Hurray for that!

I should be interested in your views and comments.

A much happier Sally

A Moodscope member.

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