The Road More Scenic

22 Feb 2021

Roads are often used as a powerful metaphor for our life’s journey.

M Scott Peck wrote the famous, “The Road Less Travelled.”

Robert Frost wrote a favourite poem of mine, “The Road Not Taken.”

But I’ve chosen a different road that I’d like to share with you. It’s the longer way to go, which I call, “The Road More Scenic.”

[I’ve recorded a short relaxation video to share these beautiful places with you: hope you enjoy it.]

On business that took me to Woodfalls in the New Forest last week, I deliberately took the Scenic Route allowing me the joy of the Avenue of Beech Trees at Moor Crichel (twice) as well as part of the Avenue of Beech Trees at Badbury Rings (twice though not shown on the video.)

I suspect 25 minutes was added to my journey (with Lady Penelope riding shotgun). In return for that investment, my spirit and soul were fed, and my body too with a picnic in the car in the pouring rain outside St James' Church, Alderholt... magic (thought sad that St James is no longer, "Open for Prayer.")

Other high points include the Pyramid of Moss and Brick near Hale Park House - I have no idea what this fascinating construction is for. Perhaps you can guess if you watch the video.

Breamore Mill - stunningly squatting beside the River Avon and astride the mill race. The lit Christmas Tree was a nice touch too.

The Tree of Life and Hope at Wimborne St Giles (my title... they may just call it, "Bob," or, "Uncle.")

Ten thousand Snowdrops and enough Mistletoe to bruise your lips for a Century. I’ve never seen so much Mistletoe.

En passant, spotting of the ruined Knowlton Church and the Philosopher's Tower (also not featured), Dorset landmarks dipped in history.

To conclude, the Norman bridge at White Mill, over the River Stour, which is likely to be the oldest bridge in Dorset. On this day, the Stour swollen by so many showers… a raging, rushing, river commuting to the sea.

Then there were Egrets. Egrets? I've had a few...

My point? Enjoy the journey... the destination may be a bit grim and final.

On our route we were overtaken several times by drivers clearly in more of a hurry... but for what?

Press Pause and enjoy the journey.

Now, it’s your turn. What treasures do you delight in when you go out of your way to take The Road More Scenic?

[And if you fancy another uplifting bonus, check out this gorgeous song by Darrell Scott, “And The River Is Me.” ]

I look forward to reading about your treasures.


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