The sisters of Motivation (part 3 of 3)

12 Apr 2020

The Sisters of Motivation call out over the airwaves,

"Come to us, all you who are tired and weary and lacking oomph!

"And we will give you spark!

"Work with us and you will find energy for your souls,

"And enthusiasm for the day ahead!"

We've met Six Sisters of Motivation so far, with the Final Three to go.

Sister Defender asks, "What are you certain of? What's stable in your life?"

Sister Friend asks, "What new groups could you join online to find rewarding relationships?"

Sister Star asks, "What do you want to be respected for in your community?"

Sister Director asks, "How can you direct your onward journey into a better future?"

Sister Builder asks, "What steps can you take to improve your quality of living?"

Sister Expert asks, "What new expertise can you master over the coming 90 days?"

But what of the final three? I'm biased, but they are my favourite!

Sister Creator loves nothing more than sitting alongside you as your muse. She will give you original ideas and ways to do new things that are nothing short of innovative. I know for a fact she's looking for Moodscopers to collaborate with right now! "What shall we make today?" is the most frequent question she asks.

Her Elder Sister is The Spirit. She's been around forever and has learned the value of true freedom. Where The Builder seeks financial freedom, and The Friend seeks relationship freedom (only relating to those whose company she enjoys), Sister Spirit is sometimes recognised as the unemployable Free Spirit! She loves those who love time, freedom – the freedom to choose the where and the when – where they work, when they work! To achieve this, she has very broad vision and tends to think long-term, painting her 'Map to the Future' with broad undefined brushstrokes. When she can't travel, she travels in her mind, creating alternative futures with her rich imagination, and trying out how each one feels. She asks, "Where shall we go (virtually or virtuously) today?"

The Eldest Sister is The Searcher. She knows that whatever a person can be, they must be. She is restless with seemingly infinite energy. Her quest is a noble one – one for meaning, significance, with a mission to make a useful difference in the world. Like Sister Spirit, she's a BIG Thinker preferring to imagine the perfect life and then reverse-engineering her plans and purposes to create a pathway to fulfil her ultimate passions. Her question is, "What are you here for?" She's a riot at parties.

If you are feeling tired and weary, each one of the Sisters of Motivation is on a mission to relight your fire... they only ask that you spend time with them.


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