The Spice of Life

14 Feb 2022

How wonderful to meet Eric, the Chef at our local pub. In moments, Eric taught me something (and in a French accent) that I didn’t know was a Golden Rule for using seasoning in cooking.  Eric calls it, “3, 2, 1.”


Imagine that in his beautiful French accent, Eric says, “You ‘ave three pinches of your dominant spice, two of the next most important flavour, and then you can ‘ave as much as you like of any other spice as long as it is only one pinch.”


Whilst I’m certain I’ve sold him short on the culinary advice, I loved the principle. “Could it be used to add spice to your life?” I wondered.


Who knows? But we could have a go, couldn’t we?


What would you like the main theme, taste, or flavour of your life to be? Whatever you choose, it would need three pinches of that… which in real terms means giving it your main focus. I would choose, for example, to be inspired and to be inspiring. Ideas light my fire, and sharing them is my spice.

What would your secondary spice be? Mine is Nature – I want more of Nature… naturally!  (I’ve still got Eric’s delicious French accent in my head, the ‘naturally’ came with a little Gallic shrug!)


Thus the flavour of my life would be dominantly inspired/inspiring, and I’d also be known as a Naturalist (spell that one with caution!)


Then there are hundreds of other themes and topics that fascinate me but I don’t have the time to give them full attention.


Now, I’m curious – what would you give your time and attention to if you had the option?


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