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5 Jan 2019

Hi Moodscopers,

Happy New Year to all of you.

We have talked long enough about our physical and mental adversities, but I should like to place before you my opinion, with which you may or may not agree.

But to all sceptics, please do not comment until you have given this at least a 6 month trial.

I'm not asking you to agree, but just to try - nothing ventured, nothing gained. What can you possibly lose?

'The Spirit' of happiness and inner peace, is atttracted to those who will always do what is right in thought, word, and deed, in every place and in all situations.

'The Spirit' cannot withdraw without your permission...

That permission is given when we try to cheat, steal, are unkind, gossip or backchat, maim, kill or any other negative trait directly oppossed to our love for one another... We are all equal, in this earthly life.

We will know when 'The Spirit' has left us, no matter our circumstances, we'll feel bereft, alone, lonely, depressed, frustrated and angry, anxious, feeling unworthy of all that surrounds us each day.

But if we focus upon others in need, 'The Spirit' will return and be attracted back to those whose hearts are trained to look 'out of the box'.

Any very small, act of kindness, to family, friends or strangers will encourage this uplifting spirit into our hearts and minds... in so doing we will be 'lost' in the service of our fellow man, and our troubles will become 'diluted' as we discover that our adversities are very small compared to those around us...

We will also find through this Spiritual feeling answers to all our own adversities, trials and tribulations.

We will become aware of others and what is more we will attract likeminded folk who'll want to be near a happy countenance and a postive uplifting person that we may become.

Please do not dismiss this blog, it worked for me - I have counselled others and have witnessed the changes that have taken place before my eyes...

The choice is yours to remain, and do nothing, or to give it your best...

There is only one directive that I can give you, and that is to give... and not to expect anything in return...

You may take this blog as an atheist, a spiritualist, or any religious connotation...

Love to you all, may this be the start of a new life for you, and a new Chapter on your journey...



A Moodscope member.

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