The strippers dressing room

1 Aug 2020

We have five strippers as houseguests. It’s not often in my life I will type those words. They are resting, they are very undemanding, and they have cost us little money or time.


All five of them had an almighty dinner party for about six days and retired to bed at different times. Four of them have since raised from the slumber. Their old clothes have been dumped in a corner of the pop-up tent they’ve been sleeping in. They’ve feasted on oranges, grapes, sugar water and some flowers from the newly planted pyracantha hedge. They look magnificent! They look strong. They look ready. Their wings are colourful and resplendent.


But they have a pal still asleep so, last night, I had a chat with them. I explained that if they were ready and had to go, I’d understand. I wouldn’t hold them back but set them free today. I said that since they arrived as a team, it would be best if they flew as a team. I said if they had to go, I’d stay with their pal until she/he was also strong and resplendent. I bid them a good night and wondered if the six day dinner party had just been too much to wake up from, for that one last little pal.


This morning - good news! Old sleepy head has shed the chrysalis and our fifth butterfly is airing the wings to harden and strengthen. Extra oranges, grapes and sugar syrup has been put inside the tent. 


Tomorrow…show time. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.


Love from

The room above the garage.

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