The Times they are a Changing.

3 Nov 2017

I have been feeling quite fed up recently, reading badly researched articles in the press about how lack of sleep can ruin your health and limit life expectancy. (I'm surprised I'm still alive then)

Also what to eat to ward off Alzheimers and what not to eat (and yes another early death).

So I decided I would concentrate more on the Arts and Culture sections of the newspapers and to my delight, I have read some interesting insights into the human condition (which don't cause early death)

One such article was about a film director and he said things like:

1. Family informs so much of who we are. It's about identity. But it's not always easy to go out into the world and know who we are. The more you learn, the more you realise you have to learn. To quote him he said "You never fix yourself."

2. Apparently this director is done with introspection as he says it's a dangerous place to be. I had to think about that. I'm still not sure if I agree or not.

And lastly the article suggested that definitions of success and failure are fluid.

I like to think that's true.

I suppose my blog today is about two things, one that it can be positive to change one's habitual reading matter. I have decided to tear out and screw into a ball potentially depressing articles about health (my newspaper will be very thin).

And also I wonder what Moodscopers think about the insights this film director has.


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