The Value of Self-Care

20 Jun 2020

Rising and stretching

I perform my daily rituals,

I really do not want

to face today

life hangs heavily

around my shoulders.

I drag myself downstairs,

resisting the strong

desire to return to bed

to read my book

to attempt oblivion

in a novel.

A few days earlier I discovered

that someone very special

to me, a support

for the past fourteen

or more years

had been rushed to hospital

with kidney failure.

The following day I had

a phone call to inform me

that this person’s husband

had died of a cardiac arrest,

all attempts at resuscitation

having failed.

No wonder I was feeling

rubbish, that I did not want

to face another day.

a sense of great, deep loss

was engulfing me.

I rationalised my situation

told myself not to be so wet.

By skulking about I was not going

to change the situation

an iota. I was being

rather harsh with myself.

While downstairs I re-examined

my self-care commitments

being gentle to myself

Was one of them. I am prone

to practising self-flagellation.

The heavy cloud

began to lift away.


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