The Wisdom of Cats.

9 Jun 2016

What do I worry about? Lady Penelope has two cats – brother and sister from the same litter. They are the laziest creatures I've ever met. They contribute nothing. They cost her a fortune in vet's bills. And she loves them.

When she awakes, they appear. They purr and talk and she feeds and pets them. When she sits down, they appear. They pile up on her lap – sometimes on top of one another – they purr and she pets them.

When they are even remotely hungry, they appear in the kitchen and look expectant. She feeds them – and sometimes they just turn their noses up. But she feeds them again, day after day, without fail. In fact, she's never failed them.

To me, it's a very one-sided relationship, but it works for Lady Penelope... and the cats!

Surely you and I are smarter than cats? Or at least as clever?

We work, we're conscientious, we're responsible.

We don't get to laze around all day, and lie across someone's lap and get stroked.

And yet, Lady Penelope's cats seem to have made a better choice.

We can make all manner of excuses for them, but I think they are just smarter.

In fact, I think they have faith in her.

Is it time for you and I to learn from the wisdom of cats?

The flowers of the field are dressed most splendidly at this time of the year in the UK – at no cost – it's just natural. They don't labour or spin or weave. They just 'are'.

The birds of the air find their fill of food but don't work for it. They certainly say, "Thank you!" every morning though, with the most glorious songs. Yes, they've known privation in Winter but now it's Summer. It's time for abundance.

And the cats just turn up with positive expectation and get a result every time.

What if you and I were to have a positive expectation of a Universe that expresses abundance at this time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere)? Do you think something wonderful could turn up today if we looked for it and purred in delight?

What could we have faith in today?

I'd love to know.


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