5 Nov 2020

I’ve had my fair share of therapy throughout my life, some good and some I’ve felt really unhelpful and have left sessions feeling worse than when I walked in.I am now in therapy and been through 8 sessions so far (half way through the 16). I have found it quite challenging and very tough, especially recently, I’ve been coming out of it worse than when I went in... so I’m a little confused... is the therapy working?

Am I indeed supposed to feel worse as the therapist digs deep into what’s causing my issues? I’m looking for some answers to how I feel and think and what I’m going through, but the therapist doesn’t have any answers... We tried the cognitive part of the therapy but this wasn’t working, so we’ve now moved onto the analytical part... so I talk and he listens, however, I don’t get answers to my questions... they come back to me for me to think about so I end up confused.

I’m actually tired of feeling and thinking the way I think and it does feel like you’re the only one experiencing this... especially at work.

What’s your experience of therapy? Good and bad.

By the way the therapy is CAT (cognitive analytical therapy)

Hope you are well or at least feeling better than yesterday.


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